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Notes from the Maintainer - The Warlords II Players' Encyclopedia began in 1994 and collected almost everything known about Warlords II, including info on understanding and playing the game, play-by-email support, the Warlords II World Tournament, a players' League, and a massive collection of scenarios, reviews, and game tools. In February 2001 I retired from Warlords (after 6 years) to start my own game, Webs of Power (formerly known as Power's Edge). I'll keep the Warlords Encyclopedia online, but I can't provide any other Warlords help. If a new hero arrives and wishes to take over, they have my +1 blessing to start a new site with materials from this one! - Bob Heeter


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This site began in 1994 as Eugene Lee's Warlords II Home Page in Australia. It has evolved steadily since then, and now includes material by a variety of authors, including Bob Heeter, Eugene Lee, Elam Birnbaum, Glen Barnett, Dirk Pellett, Vern Vaillancourt, Gary Best, and others where indicated. A number of graphics are copyright by SSG; copyright and other rights to the Web source are reserved by the appropriate authors. (This site is not the Official Warlords Site by SSG.)