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Greetings, Warlord! - The Tournament is Complete!

Over 250 warlords from over 25 countries took up our challenge in May 1997, and gathered online to play for fun, glory, and to see who was really "The Greatest"! Two years later, after Round C, 64 survivors emerged... The top 16 won prizes from SSG for strategic skill, and another 15 earned prizes from SSG for Roleplaying talent!

The Final Standings are now available!

BUT - The Top 16 were not satisfied, and continued to fight on, to see which ONE of them was THE Greatest! 8 players were eliminated in late 1999, and the top 8 then played two massive games in parallel, both of which ended in March 2001!

To find out who finally won, check out the Archives of the Tournament Finals!

Meanwhile, the Warlords of the World continued to gather for even more games in The World Warlords II League!