Getting Technical Help for Warlords II

If chance frowns upon you and something bad happens to your version of Warlords II - it starts to crash, you can't install something, or whatever - here are some things you can do to get help fixing the problem:

Check the FAQ
It's accessible from one level up here on the Web page.

Try the Patch Archives
Getting the right patch or updater might just solve your problem. See our Patch Archives or try some of the Other Sites.

Find an Expert Who's Been There
Scattered throughout this site, especially in the Tournament and League archives, you'll find the names of many Warlords veterans. Look one of them up and see if they can help you! Or look for active Warlords sites elsewhere on the Web.

Contact SSG Directly
How to Contact SSG (Note: This information is in the game manual (section 19).) Unfortunately, SSG generally doesn't support Warlords 2 anymore, so this probably will not work.