W2Deluxe Upgrade Information

From: Michael Dew 
Subject: (fwd) Warlords II Deluxe Info
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 19:36:05 -0500 (CDT)

Got this information direct from SSG.  I have edited out the portion that can
be seen on their web page.  Thought I'd share it with the masses...masses of
Warlords, of course!

> Micheal,
> I hope that it will be an item of mutual pleasure for us to sell you W2
> Deluxe. Basically, the upgrade is the real thing, obtained direct from us.
> Details are below. It will be available about three weeks from now, so send
> that money in.

[stuff that's on the web page deleted]

> SSG has announced a special upgrade offer. The upgrade conditions from
> Warlords II IBM or Warlords II are as follows:
> 1. Send in any Warlords II or Warlords II Scenario Builder disk
> or 2. Send the front page of the Warlords II or Scenario Builder manual
> or      3. Send proof of purchase of Warlords II or Scenario Builder
> or 4. Be a registered owner of Warlords II or Scenario Builder
> If you're not sure that you fit the criteria, just call.
> North American customers can send their upgrade to our US office. Cost is
> $35.00 plus $2.00 postage or $4.50 Second Day Air.
> Strategic Studies Group
> P.O. Box #30085
> Pensacola, FL 32503-1085
> Ph:  (904) 469-8880
> Fax: (904) 469-8885
> Gregor Whiley: gwhiley@ssg.com.au
> SSG Web Page: http://www.ssg.com.au
> Vice President, Strategic Studies Group