Unofficial Info on Warlords Deluxe

Written by Mike Heeter,

html-ized by Bob Heeter on 5/23/95.


I called SSG about Warlords II Deluxe, and here is a summary of what they told me:

Warlords Deluxe will be a CD-ROM upgraded version of Warlords II and the scenario builder. It will include 30 brand new scenarios.

I pressed the guy for more information and he read me the "unofficial" list of improvements:

There were a couple other items, but he read them so fast, I didn't catch them all.

He wouldn't comment on a Mac version except to say that they always lag behind. But he wouldn't say if there would even be one.

The suggested retail price will be $69.95. It will be available from SSG for $49.95 and should be about $50 in most stores. There will be an upgrade option for current Warlords II owners. If you send in some kind of proof of purchase, they will sell it to you for $34.95.

Hope that answers your questions. I'm really excited about this!